On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7

FreshStart Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Your current PCs condition – CyberSpa and our service providers are reliant on you answering the first three questions on our website accurately to determine your PC’s eligibility for a FreshStart or StartFresh service.  If you do not answer these questions accurately, and your PC cannot be serviced, it is your responsibility to contact us to request a refund.  Note that you will be required to forward to us a copy of your order confirmation document to facilitate our processing your refund.
  2. Damaged or unreadable drive – If your current drive is damaged or unreadably by our software during the service, the service provider will perform a StartFresh service instead and return to you your old PC drive so that you can contact a data recovery specialist
  3. Satisfaction guarantee – CyberSpa offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  If you are not satisfied, and wish for your money back, the service provider will remove your new drive and reinstall your old drive.  If your provider was a retail store your new drive must be returned to the store.  If your provider was an onsite provider, then you must notify us at info@cyber-spa.com for instructions on how to schedule to have your old drive re-installed and return the new drive to us.  Please be aware that the FreshStart software and service does not ever alter anything on your old drive, so if reinstalled, your PC will function as it did prior to the service.
  4. Service and drive warranty – The FreshStart service is warrantied for 90 days if you do not delete the free 90-day ESET security software from your PC.  The replacement drive installed in your PC comes with a two-year warranty.  If you believe that your drive is no longer working, please contact us at info@cyber-spa.com with your contact information.
  5. Your old drive– All FreshStart service providers are required to return your old drive to you at the conclusion of the service.  Once again, this old drive has not been altered in any way.  If you do decide you are not satisfied with your service, it is your responsibility to provide this drive to the service provider so that they can re-install it and recover the new drive, which will be erased.