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FedEx offers PC FreshStart services to Windows PC laptop customers nationwide. This service is performed at the FedEx TechConnect service facility in Collierville, Tennessee, leveraging both FedEx’s network of over 1,800 FedEx Office stores and FedEx Express.

How does it work?

Getting a FedEx FreshStart Service could not be easier!
You begin by calling FedEx’s toll-free number. These calls are answered in the US by trained technical staff members who will help you to determine if your laptop PC is a good candidate for a FreshStart Service. Once this has been determined, they will process your service request and direct you to your nearest FedEx Office store.

What does FedEx do?

The staff at the FedEx office store will open your order and print out a shipping label for your service. They will pack your PC and power cable into a specially designed laptop shipping box for you.

PCs dropped off before 5PM will be shipped overnight to the FedEx nationwide technical service facility in Tennessee. The next day, a trained and certified technician will perform your PC FreshStart service, replacing your old PC hard drive with the HDD or SSD of your choice.

Once the service is done and your PC tested, your old drive is placed in an external case with a USB connector so that you can use it as a backup drive. Your PC, power cord, and old drive are then shipped overnight back to your drop-off FedEx office store for pickup.

How long does it take?

FedEx’s target turnaround time for a complete FreshStart service is 48 hours—satisfaction guaranteed!

Your PC and its data remain in FedEx’s trusted hands throughout this process, and the automated FreshStart program ensures that your data remains secure and private.

To speak with a FedEx PC service specialist today, call:




CyberSpa LLC
1414 Key Highway, Suite 300K
Baltimore, MD 21230

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