FreshStart as a Managed Service

Over the last 10 years, many IT service providers have successfully migrated from the traditional hourly rate break-fix service model to a more predictable MSP model. This has offered both the service provider and their clients with a more predictable and manageable cash flow arrangement.

One of the challenges to this model in the SMB market is the fact that desktop and laptop devices make up a significant and important part of their IT infrastructure, and these devices deteriorate in performance each year due to a variety of usage factors, not the least of which is the relatively short life span of the only electro-mechanical component in most PCs, the hard drive.

With half of the PCs in use by SMBs today being three or more years old and running Windows 7, an operating system going end of life in 2 years, now is the time to offer your customers and prospects a new kind of managed service offering for their desktops and laptops.

Introducing FreshStart onsite service for SMBs!

Selling FreshStart as a Managed Service

As an MSP, you’re already offering your customers your services to help them keep their business running smoothly. With a regularly scheduled FreshStart service, you can help them reduce costs while extending the life of their current equipment as part of routine maintenance and best cyber security practices.

  • As a way to reduce lifecycle PC cost
  • As a way to improve PC performance
  • As a way to improve productivity
  • As a way to increase cybersecurity
  • As a green approach to device ownership
FreshStart computers

FreshStart as a Managed Service Opportunity

We’re looking ahead to the future of FreshStart, and things are only looking up! There are several factors that contribute to making 2018 the global expansion year for Windows PC FreshStart service:

  • Windows 7 goes End-of-Life in January 2020 (Microsoft needs help with this problem)
  • SSD prices dropping and replacing HDDs
  • PC Ransomware solution needed
  • Malware & Virus attacks growing

There’s no better time to start offering FreshStart to your customers! Email to learn how you can start offering FreshStart to your customers today!