On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7

Speed up your boot-up (and beyond)

No more load-time lag. Your new state-of-the-art drive will give your PC a blazing fast boost.

Cut clutter, save your sanity

Bad news for bugs, good news for you: we remove 100% of bloatware, malware, and viruses.

Not "like new," better than new

This isn't just a refresh. It's everything you used to love about your computer, only better.

What is a FreshStart?

It’s the simplest, safest way to give your old PC new life. So, instead of spending a bunch of cash on a new computer, you can easily upgrade what you already have—with all your favorite files and settings—into a future-ready, super-performing beast.

The best your PC’s ever performed or your money back. Guaranteed.

It's simple, really


at-home or drop-off service


upgraded speed, parts, and performance


all of your files and settings


your PC like new again

Windows 10, on us

If your PC is currently using a licensed Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, we’ll upgrade you to Windows 10 for free.

Over 20,000 Happy Customers.
Happiness Guaranteed

I was frustrated with my laptop because it was taking forever to load programs and files I needed. After FreshStart, however, it’s like my computer is brand new. The best thing is that FreshStart saved all my files, so I was ready to get back to work right away. I’ll be taking my desktop computer in soon for a FreshStart— I don’t think you can beat the service!

Mary Lou J.
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