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What is FreshStart?

A FreshStart is the most comprehensive, secure, and effective PC service in the world. FreshStarting your current PC delivers better-than-new PC performance while eliminating all unwanted bloatware, viruses, and malware. Even better, a FreshStart does all of this at a fraction of the cost of buying a new PC.

FreshStart for Your Current PC

A Current PC FreshStart is like three services in one: Upgrade your drive, install clean new software, and virus-scan all of your files, settings, and favorites. Increase your current PC’s security and performance while adding years to the PC’s lifespan.

FreshStart for Your New PC

A New PC FreshStart allows you to securely transfer files to your new PC while automating the new PC setup process.

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FreshStart Your Own PC

If there is not a service provider in your area and you are not interested in FedEx’s nationwide laptop FreshStart depot service offering, you can always perform a FreshStart yourself.

More information on DIY FreshStarts coming soon!

FreshStart Your Own PC


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