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What is a FreshStart?

A FreshStart is the world’s most comprehensive, effective, and affordable PC service.

A FreshStart service will add years to the life of your current Windows PC.

A FreshStart service dramatically improves your PC’s performance and security.

FreshStart for Your Current PC

A current PC FreshStart is like four services in one:

  • Upgrade your old hard drive
  • Install clean new copies of Windows and other software
  • Virus-scan all of your data files
  • Transfer all your files settings, and favorites to your new drive

FreshStart will address all your current PC performance and security problems.

FreshStart for Your New PC

A New PC FreshStart allows you to securely transfer your data files, favorites and settings from your old PC’s hard drive to your new PC. New PC FreshStart also eliminates all bloatware while installing commonly used programs like Adobe Reader, Skype, and iTunes.

Get Your PC FreshStarted

Consumer and Business Windows PC owners have two primary ways to get their PC a FreshStart.

The lowest cost option is to FRESHSTART YOUR OWN PC (or have a tech savvy friend help you). The cost is $29.99 or less, plus the purchase price of your replacement drive and drive case or cable. To learn more about FreshStart as a DIY option, visit our DIY page.

Featured Partner
Micro Center computers & electronics

Micro Center is one of the largest computer and consumer electronics retailers in the United States. Their helpful, friendly OEM and A+ Certified Technicians have repaired tens of thousands of computers. No appointment is necessary, and walk-ins are welcome.

Micro Center offers the following FreshStart Services:

  • HDD FreshStart
  • SSD FreshStart
  • FreshStart ReStart
  • New PC FreshStart
  • New PC FreshStart with Data Migration

Coming Soon! Beginning in May, the Micro Center website, will be offering the FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool (ADRT) for our Do-It-Yourself customers.


Want a trained and certified PC service provider to FreshStart your PC for you? Just enter your zip code below to locate your nearest Certified FreshStart service provider. There are currently three types of FreshStart services providers:

Bring your PC to a retail store service Provider.

Depot Service with drop off at any FedEx Office store.

Local Service delivered at your home or office by a certified tech.

Enter Your Zipcode

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WANT MORE OPTIONS? fedex FedEx drop-off depot service available nationwide.  Click Here to Learn More.

FreshStart Your Own PC

If there is not a service provider in your area and you are not interested in FedEx’s nationwide laptop FreshStart depot service offering, you can always perform a FreshStart yourself.

Check out our DIY page to learn more!

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